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Congratulations to our Barrel Talk Issue 57 Prize Winners

A Big Congratulations to our Prize Winners!!


A big congratulations to all of our prize winners of our most recent prize winners from our latest competition featured in our Christmas Issue of our Barrel Talk. 

Listed below are all of our lucky Winners:

1st Prize:

Sarina Bishop

2nd - 7th Prize Winners:

George Dooley

Maureen Tanner

Dani Codlin

Petal Clarke

Renee Forrest

Shekinish Worth

Beyond the Bin Inn Winners:


Joy Juriss

Grace Mitchell

Leonie Stephen

Balroi Singh

Alison Dacre

Dorothy Gooding

Debbie Hunt

Sylvin Jensen

Emily Webb

Lorie Causapin

Nicky Edwards

Desi Liversage

Leesa Stevenson

Mary Mealings

Virginia Wilson

Tracey Cremins

Denise Collins

Elisabeth Cammell

Lena Swann

Lesley Swailes

Raewyn King

Rob Diebner

Christine Vanveen

Lyn Erickson

Rae Drummond

Dilys Hay

Amy Griffin

Glenys Fazio


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Bin Inn Howick Suppliers Day

Suppliers Day

Bin Inn Howick

Saturday 19th March 

10.00am - 1.00pm

Taste the difference - Dont miss this opportunity to meet our experts and taste what makes Bin Inn different. 

With around 15 different suppliers from Cathedral Cove who are sharing their Coconut yoghurts to Pure Delish with their Paleo Products there is something for everyone to taste and enjoy!

Along with tastings on the day Bin Inn Howick is offering 5 lucky customers the chance to win one of 5 gift baskets worth $100.00.

So come and join us on Saturday March 19th bewteen 10.00am - 1.00pm to ensure you dont miss out! 

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