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Beyond The Bin

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BEYOND THE BIN is a kitchen essential book offering healthy recipes and product information for anyone wanting healthy inspirations.
MICHELLE YANDLE, an Integrative Nutrition Coach and Healthy Living Ambassador for Bin Inn, forms an ideal partnership promoting a whole food approach with Bin Inn providing the whole food!
Sometimes changing our lifestyle can be overwhelming as can the magnitude of all the new healthy products now available.
This cook book hopes to educate, inspire & relieve any anxieties around food and health and bring us ‘back to basics’ so that we can feel the vibrancy we deserve.
All the recipes in this book are suitable for those following a gluten free, dairy free, low sweetener and in most cases even grain free way of life. Whether or not you choose to eat Paleo or Vegan, this book contains something for everyone.
Enjoy the recipes and knowledge gained from this book, share with family and friends and have fun with all your new Healthy Inspirations
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Cacao Powder

If there is one superfood that will start you off right it’s cacao. Not only is it nutrient dense but a sure hit with it’s rich chocolaty flavour.
Cacao – pronounced Ka-Cow, is the raw form of cocoa. Basically – a cocoa bean can go in two directions. It can be heated and treated and chemically processed and end up in a commercial chocolate bar. Or, it can be dried by the sun and turned into a powder which maintains its nutrient density. 
Cacao powder is amazingly rich in antioxidants – the powerful components that help our bodies fight off free-radicals.  It is a great source of magnesium and iron and boasts 314% of the recommended daily intake of iron in just 28g.  The best part about cacao? It tastes like chocolate!! Enjoy it in your raw “unbaking”, smoothies or even on porridge.  It’s sure to be a winner.


Coconut Oil

The first thing I love about Coconut oil is that it is an oil that can be enjoyed by everyone whether you are vegan, vegetarian or on a paleo diet! This oil has been a staple of traditional diets in areas that produce coconuts and is only in more recent years being enjoyed by people worldwide.  Unlike highly refined vegetable oils, coconut oil supports high heat cooking making it ideal for frying. It is also such a versatile oil that it can be used as both a binder and a healthy fat when making raw chocolate or other treats.  Coconut oil has so many uses that entire books have been written about them.  Yes, coconut oil is a saturated fat but the research is changing and so there is nothing to fear. It is a medium chain fatty acid which means that our body digests it primarily as an energy source which can help perk up that cup of coffee in the morning!  Whether you enjoy it as a spread, for cooking or even as a sleep-aid. Its got something for everyone.  Enjoy!

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