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Homemade Wine

Making your own wine is easy, economical and best of all it is fun! Bin Inn sells wine brewing hardware so you can be impressing family and friends with your wine making skills in no time!

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Homemade Spirits & Liqueurs

Distilling your own spirits is easy, economical and best of all it is fun! Bin Inn sells an extensive range of distilling hardware including stills, brew barrels, thermometers, air locks, hydrometers, filter systems, carboys, grommets plastic hosing, spirit bottles, measuring jars and much much more. After the initial distilling hardware setup costs, you can make your own basic spirits for approximately $6 - $7 per 750ml bottle. Liqueurs are a lot of fun to make (and drink!), but they do cost a bit more to make. The first step to getting started is to visit your local Bin Inn store. Simply tell them which drinks you are interested in making and they can advise you on what hardware and accessories best meet your requirements.

Spirit & Liqueur Flavour Essences

Bin Inn has an extensive range of spirit flavour essences, there are over 75 different flavours to choose from. There's a flavour essence to cater to all taste buds, Bin Inn is sure to have your favourite - be it Highland Whisky, Brandy, Irish Cream, Russian Vodka or Bombay Gin, just to name a few. A comprehensive list of all the flavour essences available from Bin Inn is provided below.

Within the Stillmaster range there are 3 different categories of essences - these are colour coded for easy selection. Stillmaster Flavour Essences are New Zealand made, they are specifically blended for kiwi tastes and conditions.

Stillmaster Standard Flavour Essences (Green)

Skippers Rum
Confederate Bourbon
Highland Whisky
London Dry Gin
Mountain Bourbon
Puerto White Rum
Russian Vodka
Southern Settler
Tequila Windies Rum

Stillmaster Select Flavour Essences (Beige)

Captain Kid Black Rum
Double Gin
Navy Rum
Plantation Rum

Stillmaster Liqueur Flavour Essences (Blue)

Peach Schnapps
Cherry Brandy
Black Zambucca
Chocolate Liqueur
Irish Cream
Strawberry Schnapps
Triple Sec
White Zambucca

Prestige Flavour Essences

Ananas & Cocos (Pineapple & Coconut)
Irish Coffee
Cognac Marty Romin
Mango Passion Fruit Shot
Jamaican Rum
White Jamaican Rum
Apfel Korn Fruity Shot
Lokoresens Whisky
Anaretto Mandel
Lime & Citron Fruit Shot
Bombay Gin
Bourbon Whisky
Coco Rum
Creme De Cacao
Dry Gin
Hazelnut Liqueur
Kiwi Fruity Shot
Melon Fruity Shot
Puertorican Rum
Black Sambucca
Strawberry Fruity Shot
Triple Sec
Vermouth Dry
Moscow Vodka
Swedish Vodka
Canadian Whisky
Irish Whisky
Johnny Scotch Whisky
Standier Orange Liqueur
Smoked Scotch Whisky

Spirits Unlimited Flavour Essences (Standard)

Aged Brandy
Jamaican Rum
Dark Rum

Spirits Unlimited Flavour Essences (Premium)

Black Rum

Gold Medal

Gallahers Irish Whisky
Glen Darroch Malt Whisky
McGregors Whisky

Spirits Unlimited Flavour Essences


Spirits Unlimited Premium Bourbon

This is a full flavour sour mash style bourbon with a scented aroma.

Spirits Unlimited Premium Whisky

This is a blend of single malt and straight grain spirit flavours with oak.

Spirits Unlimited Premium Black Rum

This is a very heavy dark rum which has a rich molasses flavour.

Spirits Unlimited Aged Brandy

This is a grapey genuine brandy.

Spirits Unlimited Jamaican Rum

This is a soft vanilla rum with a rich oak flavour.

Spirits Unlimited Dark Rum

This is a full flavoured rum with a molasses base but without heavy oaking.

Alcotec Turbo Super Yeast

The latest additions to our ever expanding brewing range are two new types of Alcotec Turbo Super Yeast. One is Alcotec 24 Hour Turbo Super Yeast and the other is Alcotec Turbo Super Yeast 6kg.

Alcotec 24 Hour Turbo Super Yeast

Turbo is the word alright! Alcotec 24 Hour Turbo Super Yeast is an extremely fast fermenting product. It will ferment out 6Kg of sugar in only 24-36 hours and 8Kg of sugar in 36-48 hours. The yield is great and over 90% can be achieved easily. From 1Kg of sugar, 1.4 litres of 40% spirit is produced. If you want your wash fermented quickly, give 24 Hour Turbo Super Yeast a go. As well as fermenting super fast, it also produces super clean vodka out of your still, ready for treatment with activated carbon and essences. IMPORTANT: Do not use an airlock (you will understand the reason for this once you have seen the fermentation!).

Alcotec Turbo Super Yeast 6Kg

The main difference between these two types of Turbo Yeast is time. Alcotec Turbo Super Yeast will take 3-4 days to ferment for a mix of 6 Kg of sugar, up to 25 litres of water and one packet of Turbo Super Yeast. It will take about 2-3 days to ferment a mix of 4.5Kg of sugar, up to 20 litres of water and one packet of Turbo Super Yeast. Turbo Super Yeast is also known as "Alcotec 6Kg". This is because it ferments 6Kgs of sugar in a 25 litre solution (in 3 days - that's the "3" in the picture on the packet). This is probably the top selling turbo yeast in the world. And now we have a new and improved formulation for even better results.

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Beer Kits

Bin Inn has a great range of beer kits and brewing equipment. There's a beer kit to cater to all taste buds...

Beer Kits

Brewtec Brown Draft
Brewtec Dark Ale
Brewtec Lager
Brewtec Premium Draft
Coopers Lager
Coopers Stout
Coopers Brew Enhancer
Coopers Classic Dark
Coopers Draught
Coopers European Lager
Coopers Mexican Cerveza
Coopers Real Ale

Brewing Hardware

Brewtec Micro Brew Kit
Coopers Micro Brew Kit (complete)

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