Bin Inn Birthday Terms and Conditions

8 July 2019

Bin Inn Birthday Celebration
July 8th to July 28th 2019

Terms and Conditions


  1. Competition runs from July 8th to July 28th 2019
  2. Every transaction over $10 entitles the customer to receive one scratch card
  3. Bin Inn storeowners and staff, Headoffice employees and directors along with the immediate families are excluded from participating in the competition.
  4. Minor prizes include $5, $10, $20 and $50 worth of free products from Bin Inn Stores.
  5. Minor prize winning scratch and win cards enable the customer to redeem goods to the value of the card instore. Goods must be claimed by 1st November 2019.
  6. Major prize is a $5000 Harvey Norman Gift Card.
  7. The winning scratch card is to be presented to the store from whom the scratch card was obtained.
  8. The major prize will be sent out from Bin Inn Headoffice, Unit 4/6 Tukorako Drive, Mt Maunganui in the way of a Harvey Norman Gift Card. Gift Card will be activated by Harvey Norman when winner has received card.
  9. By participating prize winners grant Bin Inn exclusive permission to use their names, characters or photographs in connection with the promotion and for any future promotion or marketing purpose and waive any claims to royalties and rights of remuneration for such use.