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Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil

22 October 2019

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The first thing I love about coconut oil is that it is an oil that can be enjoyed by everyone whether you are vegan, vegetarian or on a paleo diet! This oil has been a staple of traditional diets in areas that produce coconuts and is only in more recent years being enjoyed by people worldwide. 


Unlike highly refined vegetable oils, coconut oil supports high heat cooking making it ideal for frying. It is also such a versatile oil that it can be used as both a binder and a healthy fat when making raw chocolate or other treats.  Coconut oil has so many uses that entire books have been written about them.  Yes, coconut oil is a saturated fat but it is a medium chain fatty acid which means that our body digests it primarily as an energy source.

How to use it
Coconut oil can be used hundreds of different ways from body moisturising to an effective sleep aid. So a search online and you'll surely be inspired. I enjoy using coconut oil for any high-heat cooking as well as a binder for bliss balls and other raw treats. I also enjoy a tsp or two in my morning coffee for an extra little perk! 

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