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Healthy Snacks for All Your Cravings

Healthy Snacks for All Your Cravings

31 May 2017

Firstly, I actually don’t recommend that we “snack” simply because the idea of snacking often means eating on the go. If you get hungry between meals, I always recommend that you still sit down and eat intentionally otherwise a small snack could turn into something much larger! Often we tend to crave something to snack on in the mid afternoon when we’re tired and experiencing a slump. Unfortunately, when we are tired our hunger increases by 25%. And cravings aren’t always food foods that serve us. The trick is, to stock your home or work environment with foods that fuel rather than make you even more tired after you've’ eaten them.

Usually, when we get a craving it is for either something sweet (chocolate!), savoury (potato chips!), creamy (ice cream!), or crunchy (crisps!). Obviously, my examples are foods you shouldn’t eat all the time if you want to be healthy but they can be a great alternative when your hunger pangs begin mid-meal.


Next time you get a craving for something sweet, why not try:

  • fresh, whole fruit
  • apples and almond butter
  • dried fruit
  • green smoothies made with superfoods such as spirulina or barley grass powder.
  • banana “ice cream” (peel a banana, freeze, blend in a food processor with nuts, berries or  raisins, and serve)
  • dates stuffed with almond butter or other nut butter
  • organic dark chocolate or carob.
  • Trail mix with dried fruit

For your savoury cravings, try these healthy alternatives:

  • olives
  • pickles and pickled vegetables, such as carrot, daikon, beets, and lotus root
  • tabouli, hummus
  • steamed vegetables with tamari/shoyu or umeboshi vinegar
  • freshly made salsa or guacamole
  • Sauerkraut (will also knock your sweet craving right out!)
  • salted edamame
  • Salted nuts/seeds

Your creamy cravings can be met by eating:

  • smoothies
  • avocados
  • rice pudding
  • dips and spreads, like hummus and baba ghanoush
  • puréed soups
  • puddings made with silken tofu, avocado, or mashed banana
  • mashed kumara
  • coconut milk or coconut yoghurt

Finally, don‘t cave and reach for the chippies, when you can eat these crunchy (but still healthy) snacks:

  • apples
  • frozen grapes
  • rice crackers
  • light popcorn or plain popcorn (use coconut oil to pop in a covered pan)
  • carrots
  • celery and nut butter
  • raw, unsalted nuts like cashews, almonds, and walnuts


Don’t fight your craving. Instead, listen to what it is your body wants specifically and choose the healthier option that will fuel your body. But, if you still really want that little bit of "soul food", enjoy it. Mindfully, intentionally and without guilt!