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Hello from Michelle!

Hello from Michelle!

31 May 2017

With this first blog post I figured it would be a perfect time to say hello and tell you a little bit about myself.


Formally, I am the owner of Michelle Yandle Nutrition, a Health and Nutrition Coach and author of “A Diet for 7 Generations”, "The Empowered Eating Handbook" and “Beyond The Bin”.  I have a graduate degree in Education as well as being a certified health and coach and recently obtaining my graduate certificate in nutrition coaching. 

Ultimately, I’m a health foodie that just loves cooking, eating and writing about food!  When I was a little girl, one of my best memories was wandering around the health food section of supermarkets or health food stores in general and “oooing” and “aahing” at all the nutrient dense and delicious looking foods and products.  It’s something that has been an interest for as long as I can remember and now I am fortunate to be able to make it part of my career.

I have a busy little practice via Skype and in person in New Plymouth where I help people every day to get off the diet roller coaster and experience not only health and vitality but freedom from the rules that not only govern our dietary choices but confuse the heck out of us with all the opposing theories online. 

I like to take things back to basics for people, which is something we hold within us intuitively but that gets lost amongst all the noise.  Ultimately, when it comes to food my passion revolves around what the earth provides for us in all its abundance. Whole foods, nutrient dense foods and of course, delicious foods.


Recently, I was approached by Bin Inn Retail Group to be their ambassador and spokesperson. What I saw was a win-win opportunity for just about everyone and so I quickly jumped on board.

I had already been doing a lot of work with my local Bin Inn in Taranaki helping them source more healthy options so that they could be readily available for the people of Taranaki.  I was also doing workshops there and providing education and recipes for the people in my community. To be given the opportunity to do this on a National scale was a dream come true and so the choice was an easy one.

So what does this mean for you? It means that soon your local Bin Inn will also be stocking more and more of the healthy foods you desire along with continuing to provide those whole foods in bulk that they always have.  It means that cooking and informational classes will be held at your local Bin Inns and that you’ll be seeing lots of delicious healthy recipes in store.  You’ll also get access to Bin Inn’s exclusive cookbook “Beyond The Bin” which I’ve written to help give you some simple ways to incorporate more whole-food recipes into your daily routine.


I look forward to working with Bin Inn, and to meeting each of your on my travels throughout New Zealand.  Here’s to the good things coming!