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Paper 4 Trees

We are proud to be a major sponsor of Paper4Trees – a waste minimisation and tree planting programme run by Environmental Education for Resource Sustainability Trust (EERST for short). Paper4Trees encourages New Zealand schools and preschools to divert as much paper and cardboard as possible from landfill by providing free classroom recycling bins. 

As an incentive for schools to report their recycling efforts, they are rewarded with one native tree for every two cubic metres of paper and cardboard they recycle. 

EERST believes positive messages and incentives help change behaviour. Paper4trees is often seen as a tree planting programme but it is actually a waste minimisation programme – the native trees and plants are simply an incentive to encourage schools to either start recycling, or improve current recycling rates. They are also a big thank-you to all the staff and students for their fantastic efforts!

Since the programme’s inception in 2001, Paper4trees schools and preschools have recycled over 50,000 tonnes of paper and cardboard, and planted over 200,000 native trees!

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Tree Plantings at Schools

Bin Inn has been fortunate to attend a number of tree plantings at schools since our sponsorship began.

Here is Alexis Corkill, store owner of Bin Inn Papamoa lending a hand at Golden Sands Primary School.