Nut Free

Peanuts are among the most common allergy-causing foods and they often find their way into things you wouldn't imagine. 

Peanuts aren't actually a true nut; (they're a legume, in the same family as peas and lentils), but the proteins in peanuts are similar in structure to those in tree nuts. For this reason, some people who are allergic to peanuts can also be allergic to tree nuts. People can experience allergies from tree nuts such as almonds, cashews, Brazil nuts, walnuts, hazelnuts, macadamia nuts, pistachios and pecans.

Range of Products

We offer a number of nut free products including:

  • Nut free spreads
  • Nut free butters
  • Nut free oils
  • Nut free breads, wraps and buns
  • Nut free baking mixes

Always Read the Label

Peanuts and tree nuts can make their way into a number of foods without us realising, so it is important to always read food labels thoroughly, even if you are buying a product you have eaten before, recipes do sometimes change. Check both the inner and outer wrapping of multi-packs.

When shopping with us at Bin Inn, please just ask one of our staff members to assist you in finding a suitable product for your allergy.

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