About Us

Bin Inn was first established in 1988 and we have been offering bulk products in barrels and shuttles, wholefoods and specialty groceries throughout this time. 

Our Extensive Product Range

We specialise in wholefoods and specialty groceries and pride ourselves on the quality product range we offer. Our product range is varied and covers several categories such as: Cooking & Baking, Gluten Free, Organics, Superfoods, Paleo, Special Dietary Foods, International Foods, Confectionary & Snack Foods, Health and Beauty, Laundry & Cleaning Products, Homebrewing and Pet Supplies to name a few.

Our Store Owners and Staff

The team at Bin Inn provide you the best ‘old-fashioned’ service and are exceptionally knowledgeable about the product ranges and are there to help.  When you walk into a Bin Inn store you will most likely be served by the owner of the business and can ask them anything about the products and have the confidence they will be able to assist you.

Relaxed and Unpressured Shopping Experience

Notice the difference when you shop at Bin Inn.  Car parking is right outside and the ease of wandering the store without being pressured is great. Plus, if you need any assistance the store owners and staff are there to help and assist.

We are Nationwide, with Local Presence

Bin Inn Retail Group operates a Licensee Model, with each store being locally owned and operated.  We have over 35 stores throughout the country, making it easier for you to shop locally.