Reduce Waste

At Bin Inn we are passionate about reducing waste.  We have a number of initiatives that help reduce waste. Below are just a few of them…

Our Policy

We embrace a 'Reduce, Reuse, Refill' Policy.   We are continually looking for ways we can provide great quality products and service, as well as caring for the environment.

Save money and the environment!

If caring for the environment is something that interests you, why not bring your own containers into store and fill them up! We have a great range of products that can be added to your containers (for example oils and syrups, to honey and peanut butter, right through to cleaning products).  As well as saving the environment you will also save money  - receive a 5% discount on all products purchased using your own containers.

Reusable Jute Bag for your Groceries

To minimise the number of plastic bags used, we stock Bin Inn Jute Bags that are durable and versatile and great for carrying your shopping. Plus, the style of the bags means you will get plenty of use out of them even when you are not shopping. They are great for things like trips to the beach and carrying your library books.

Brown Paper Bag Alternatives

In many of our stores you will find brown paper bag alternatives to plastic bags. While you are doing your shopping, brown paper bags can be used to put your products into and when you are at the counter, you can ask for a brown paper bag alternative.