Environmental Responsibility


Refill, Reuse & Recycling Made Easy At Bin Inn

Have you ever thought about how many perfectly good containers we throw out each week? This packaging waste not only costs us money, but it also costs the environment.

The great thing about Bin Inn is that products are available from self selection bins and barrels - this means you can buy as much or as little as you need and best of all you pay for the product and not the fancy packaging. Whether you need five litres of bleach for cleaning concrete paths or just 100ml of dishwasher rinse aid - you only need to buy enough to get the job done! Bring in your empty bottles to refill so that you can save money and also save on packaging waste.

Environmentally it makes sense to reuse bottles and containers where possible, as more and more containers end up in landfills. Simply take your empty containers to Bin Inn and refill them with that particular product from the self selection bin. It is best to use the same bottle to refill the same product as cleaning chemicals should not be mixed. Another good reason to do this is so that the cleaning products are always labeled correctly - no chance of any mishaps. If you have forgotten to bring your empty containers with you, no problems - Bin Inn stocks refill containers, these can be purchased for a small cost, labeled, filled and used again and again.

Refilling is easy and fun! The convenient bulk barrels have easy pour taps. Measuring jugs and funnels are also available for those awkward neck bottles. For those of you who are not used to refilling your own bottles, simply ask one of the friendly Bin Inn staff to help you out.


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