Spirits & Liqueurs

Ever wanted to distill your own spirits? Well with Bin Inn we have made the process super easy and offer all the hardware and accessories you will need to bring your creation to life!

Range of Products

We offer an extensive range of spirits and liqueurs products including:

  • Full spirit making kits
  • Stills
  • All the ingredients you will require such as yeasts, dextrose, carbons, flavour concentrates and filters
  • Range of hardware and accessories including brew barrels, thermometers, air locks, hydrometers, filter systems, carbons,, plastic hosing
  • Spirit bottles and measuring jars

Spirit & Liqueur Flavour Essences

We have an extensive range of spirit flavour essences, there are over 75 different flavours to choose from. There's a flavour essence to cater to all taste buds.

  • Standard flavour essences such as dark rum, highland whisky and russian vodka

  • Premium flavour essences such as  bourbon, black rum and aged brandy

  • Select flavour essences such as  double gin, navy rum, and Captain Kid black rum

  • Liqueur flavour essences such as peach schnapps, butterscoth, gallelao, irish cream, triple sec

  • Prestige flavour essences such as Jamaican Rum, Bombay Gin, Sambucca, Tequila, McGregrors Whisky



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