Dairy Free

There are a number of reasons people seek out dairy free products; be it they are vegan, have a dairy allergy or simply choose to remove dairy from their diet.  At Bin Inn we have a great selection of 'dairy' alternatives.

Range of Products

The range of Dairy Free products at Bin Inn includes items such as:

  • Dairy alternative yoghurts
  • Coconut icecreams and iceblocks
  • Dairy free chocolate
  • Oils and nut butters
  • Dairy free cheeses
  • Dairy free crackers
  • Dairy free milks such as soy and almond


Tips to Dairy Free Eating

  • Make sure your read the labels.
  • When you are eating out, notify the restaurant when you book you have special dietary requirements.
  • Some pre-prepared  items such as mayonnaise and salad dressings may contain dairy, so again read the label.
  • When shopping at Bin Inn, please just ask one of our staff to assist you in finding a suitable dairy-free product.




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