Preserving food is a great and often healthy way to use up those extra vegetables and fruit.  Traditionally, food is preserved by either pickling (uses vinegar) or fermenting it. Fermenting food creates additional beneficial bacteria and enzymes to help repopulate and aid the hub of our body's health - the gut!

Range of Products

Our range of preserving products includes

  • Jam covers
  • Perfit seal screw bands
  • Perfit large dome seals
  • Preserving Jars - 1 Litre and 500ml
  • Sugars including jam setting sugar
  • Vinegars
  • Herbs and spices

Preserving Tips and Hints

Fruit - make sure only firm, ripe fruit is used.  Bruises or marks should be cut out. Wash and thoroughly dry first.

Sugar - should always be slowly dissolved into cooked fruit before the mixture is brought to a hard boil to avoid burning.

Storage - jams should be  stored in clean, sterilised jars. Finished products should be dated and labelled.

Mould - if chutneys are under cooked or if clean jars are not used, mould may start to form.  Discard these products.

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