Eco Cleaning


Outdoor Cleaning Handy Hints


BBQ Cleaner

To clean the hot plate on the barbeque, sprinkle baking soda onto the cold cooking plate, scrub and rinse clean. This will clean the plate without having any taste effect on barbequed food.

Pool Cleaner

Add washing soda to swimming and spa pools, this acts as a PH buffer.


Blocked Drains

Pour a handful of baking soda down the blocked drain and follow this with a capful of normal household vinegar. Leave for a few minutes and then flush thoroughly with water.


Natural Weedkiller

A quick and easy way to remove unwanted weeds from your garden is to pour plain salt directly onto the weeds.



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Bin Inn Eco Cleaning recipes for the bathroom


Scouring Powder

Salt can be used on a damp cloth as a mild but effective scouring powder for cleaning bathroom surfaces.


Shower Cleaner

To clean and disinfect your shower, dissolve 1 tablespoon of nappy wash in a bucket of hot water and clean shower fixtures. Make sure the shower is rinsed out thoroughly once cleaned.


Surface Cleaner

Dissolve 1 teaspoon of nappy wash in a small bowl of warm water. This solution can be used to clean stains on plastic, ceramic and porcelain surfaces.


Clean Windows

In a spray bottle add 1 teaspoon of Bin Inn Wool Wash to 500ml of water. Clean windows with this mixture using a soft cloth.


Shower & Sink Cleaner

A good way to get rid of built up soap marks on showers and wash basins is to use Automatic Dishwash Rinse Aid. This leaves a lovely shine and it is kind to use on plastic surfaces. Either use diluted in water or use neat on a clean cloth.


Chrome Cleaner

To brighten and clean up chrome, simply rub all over with plain flour, wash off with water and polish with a clean cloth.


Foggy Bathroom Mirrors

To prevent bathroom mirrors fogging over, rub the mirror with a slightly damp cake of soap, then polish off with a dry cloth or kitchen towel. This will ensure a clear mirror for several days.



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Bin Inn Eco Cleaning recipes for the laundry


Soft Towels

To make new towels soft and absorbent, soak them in cold water to which a little Epsom Salts has been added.


Clean Machine!

Place three quarters of a cup of Epsom Salts into your automatic washing machine on a half hot wash once or twice a year. Leave the machine to do its complete cycle. This keeps all the lines clean of soap build up which over time may cause problems.


Softer Jeans

To remove the stiffness from those new jeans, wash them with detergent and half a cup of plain salt.


Smelly Clothes

Add 1-2 tablespoons of nappy wash to hot water. Soak smelly clothes such as fishing gear, work clothes and nappies in this hot water solution. Soaking helps to clean the clothes and eliminate odours.



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